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July 20, 2004



We ALL have a queue like that! Never be bored...never stop knitting...always have fun!


You never know with the Kersti until you start knitting -- I was scared when mine arrived because it looked awfully red (and I'm not a red person), but when I knit it up the other colors (especially green, which I love) were more visible and the red was just an accent.

I love what you've said about the project queue, because I've just run into the situation where the needles I need for the next projects are currently in use and I'm trying so hard to finish my WIP's and not buy new needles.


You got it right on the head about the needles! I have #2-13 in straights and I've been tempted so many times to buy circulars, but that's a whole 'nother animal!

Lion/Witch/Wardrobe and Magician's Nephew: thanks for the clarification! When Lucy met Mr. Tumnus in the forest he was wearing a "red woolen muffler". I may have to knit one too!


Interesting question. I try to keep only one project going that requires complete concentration, and several others that can go out with me in public. Always a pair of socks. And one so completely mindless that I can do it anywhere no matter what. Notice I said "try." Sometimes a certain yarn and a certain pattern come together at a moment in time, and they just have to be started.

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