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September 01, 2004



My you have been busy! Both your Charlotte's look amazing, and I am a little envious of the glove. What pattern are you using? I have been thinking about knitting come (because mittens arn't my thing) so I have been on the lookout for glove patterns lately.


Both Charlotte's are wonderful! And so different. It's fun to see them side by side. Great job!!


I just have to say it again - of all the charlotte's I have seen on the 'net - and I've seen quite a few lately - yours are the most beautiful. Especially the rainbow colored one youjut completed. Too many other folk's Charlottes come out looking sickly, but yours are pretty enough to make me almost change my mind about them =)


Where did you get the Kersti glove pattern -- looks great so far!


You Charlotte is GORGEOUS! I love the colors.


oooh charlotte is just fabulous! i need NEED to really get to work on the one for my mom. at this rate, it'll be a mother's day present - which was not my intention. welcome back, btw!


Just tried to email you but it came back to me so thought I would leave my comments here...Hopefully you are still out there somewhere!!!

Just wanted to say that I was at your blog and saw some really beautiful things you have made....Also, must say, I LOVE your kitties!!!..I too am a cat lover....I live in Florida and in February started teaching myself how to knit; wish I had done it MANY years ago!! Anyway, wanted to let ya know that I will be visiting your blog and trying to keep up with your posts now that I have found it and would enjoy a visit or two from you at mine....There's not much there but as everyone says, it is a Hope to see ya there...Keeping those needles clicking!!

May angels guard,

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